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The new Bowling Green Iron designed and built by POWEROLL

The Blade Runner has been designed to smooththe playing surface without increasing compaction.
Bowlers will love the finish the Blade Runner provides.

Tom, greenkeeper at Swindon Supermarine Bowling Club reports;
'The improvement to the green has exceeded all expectations. People used to moan about our green, now we're just given compliments.'

In common to all Poweroll products, the effectiveness of the machine with operator comfort and convenience is given the highest priority. Also effective for the removal of frost heave.


  • A wider base than most irons to provide a very stable platform when changing direction and negotiating slopes on and off the green.
  • Large diameter rollers are utilised to reduce compaction by having increased ground contact. This assists a smooth driving action through reduced rolling resistance.
  • The rubber mounted engine and hydraulic drive unit is fully contained in a tray to keep
    oil /fuel off the green.
  • Conventional greens iron operator position of the driver sat sideways.
  • Tiller steering with 2 handed control for precise control of direction.
  • Very comfortable for the operator, with ergonomically placed handles, lever and foot control. Seat is adjustable for reach. Hand grips swivel for comfort.
  • Optional transportation trolley available.
Blade Runner

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