Poweroll 15

High specification, compact diesel roller for all sports fields

Poweroll Excel

The specification of this 4 ft. width roller fits neatly between the Poweroll 15 and top of the range Poweroll County model.

Standard equipment includes a twin cylinder Kubota diesel engine, 24in diameter roller drums, power steering and roller scraper bars. Features: A raised driving position provides great all around visibility.

All oils and fuel are contained in the unlikely event of a fuel, engine or hydraulic oil leak.

In common with all Poweroll rollers, the machines weight can be altered to suit the ground conditions. Typically, start the season with the roller un-ballasted and add water to the rollers and ballast tanks during the playing season as the ground becomes firmer. Poweroll rollers have been designed to ensure that when fully ballasted, the ground pressure is equally displaced through the front and rear rollers, to maximise the benefit of the tandem roller design.

Keith Bennett, head groundsman of Moseley Cricket Club said after his first season of using the Excel roller.

'A brilliant piece of kit, best machine we've bought.'

Specifications and featuresof the Excel roller

  • Kubota Z602 liquid cooled twin cylinder diesel engine fitted as standard.
  • Hydraulic drive for ease of use and operator comfort.
  • Net weight 1,500kg. Gross weight, up to 2,500kg.
  • Compact overall size, ideal for smaller garages, being less than 2.4 metres long.
  • 24” diameter roller drums to carry more ballast.
  • Compact overall size for easier storage. Speed 0 to the maximum of 8 mph.
  • Easy entry/exit to the driving position and then enjoy a raised view of the area to work.
  • Effortless power steering - the steering wheel is supplied with a spinner knob.
  • Excellent access to the rollers and tanks for filling with water ballast.
  • Simple 2 lever control, and a variable tilt steering wheel for comfort.
  • Containment of all engine bay fluids in the unlikely event of a pipe burst or seepage.
  • Multi-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines for a smoother power delivery.
  • Excellent weight distribution when fully ballasted.

The new Excel continues the Poweroll tradition of designing and building very effective, easy to use and comfortable to operate machines, for the benefit of the grounds man, and all those who use the ground by having a superb playing surface. Whilst a Poweroll roller in itself can't guarantee a superb playing surface, it does at least provide the Groundsman with the right tool to help achieve it.

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