Weight, size and compaction comparisons of the new and rebuilt roller machines in the Poweroll range.

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specifications table

Vibration ratings (WBV) are recorded with the machines at net weight. Ballasting will improve figures due to greater mass. Hand arm figures only for pedestrian model 5. Figures indicate maximum hour’s usage per day when operated at typical ground rolling speeds and all have capability to be used by 1 operator more than 24 hours per day, when operated correctly. Specific values are available on request. Poweroll rollers are designed to produce similar ground pressure on the front and rear ground contact area when ballasted. Ground pressure for the compilation of this chart is calculated as kilograms per foot (12inch) width of roller. Example Club = 1,610kg Gross weight. Having a 3ft rolling width on the front and back drums. This divides into 6ft of roller in contact with the ground 1,610kg / 6ft = 268kg per foot width of roller. *Includes estimated allowance of 100kg for operator for even compaction. These machines being lighter, the operators own weight contributes a large percentage to the overall mass. All other models exclude operators own weight but adds approximately 10kg per foot width to net and gross figure. **With reference to rebuilt S&P32. Net weight excludes all extra ballast options. Gross weight includes all ballast options. Steering would be heavy to operate if all options are taken. Please be aware that all diesel engine variants have a key start as standard.

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