POWEROLL Re-building the Stothert & Pitt 32RD

Around the UK remain many hundreds of these old pavement rollers still in use for compacting cricket wickets. We buy them in part exchange against Poweroll rollers. They are completely dismantled and rebuilt, and in the process we discard more of the original machine than we re-use.

Some grounds men using this 900kg roller consider it to be too light to produce an excellent wicket in its standard specification, so we offer options to take the weight up to approximately 1,400kg - more than 50% heavier. We discard the commonly used noisy and tricky to start diesel engine and gearbox and replace it with a Poweroll hydraulic upgrade kit (see next page), which by itself creates a huge improvement; for easy starting, noise reduction, exhaust emissions and user friendliness.

Stothert & Pitt 32RDAn S&P32rd roller rebuilt by Poweroll retains the same basic components that gave the original machines such longevity. However, the original machine is modified with up to date features and options to enable it to perform to current expectations with regard to compaction of wickets, ease of use and comfort for the operator.

Unlike modern road rollers, the usual alternative to machines in this price bracket, these machines lack the complexity of their modern equivalents. These basic rollers have their own advantages, for example; ease of maintenance, low running costs and high longevity, and in particular, enhanced by using the almost entirely new chassis we now manufacture.


  • 80% of the chassis is replaced with new laser cut profiled panels and 4” is added to the footwell to greatly increase comfort for the operator.
  • Rear visibility is transformed by removal of the high-sided rear panels.
  • A new Honda engine and hydraulic transmission kit is utilized.
  • We discard the chain tension springs, arms, and nylon sprockets from the donor machine, there are more moving parts, no longer required on this modernized machine.
  • The machines rear roller axle, originally fitted with rubber mounted bronze bushes; are replaced with sealed bearing units for smoother running and continued longevity.
  • Thorough examination of all other moving parts and are replaced as required.
  • The machine is entirely grit blasted and repainted as per the new Poweroll roller range.
  • A new comfortable padded seat is fitted and new steering wheel if required.
  • 12 months unlimited warranty from date of delivery.