POWEROLL Re-building the Automower /TH White Auto-Roller AR3 (3 feet rolling width)

Poweroll Auto-Roller rebuildWe completely rebuild old Auto-Roller AR3's. The original engine, gearbox and clutch are discarded in favour of a new user friendly Poweroll built hydraulic drive kit. All other components are replaced as wear on the original requires.

The original chassis is dissected just behind the front bulkhead and then a major new chassis section is attached to the rear half of the machine.

Naturally, the total rebuild includes a bare metal re-spray of the entire machine. This transforms the old roller and along with the new engine and new hydraulic drive kit prepares the machine for many more years of useful service. The forward and reverse direction and ground speed on this roller is controlled by 1 hand lever. As a finishing touch for operator benefit, the seat hinges back for an easier entry and exit, - ideal for the less mobile.

There are several reasons why we cut the chassis in half and replace the rear section.

  • It enables us to cut away the side of the machine for better driver access
  • We improve access to the rear roller plugs for ballasting with water
  • All superfluous holes are removed in the engine side of the chassis for a tidy appearance
  • The hydraulic drive motor can now be placed on the engine side of the machine and within its own drip tray to help prevent any oil seepage reaching the ground
  • Corrosion has a tendency to eat into the steel where the seat panel bolts to the chassis and is removed as a result of the new chassis sections
  • The overall result is a much neater looking machine than the original whilst also being much more enjoyable to operate.



  • Quiet in use for the operator
  • Low maintenance – oil based hydraulic system
  • Low minimal speed to a more than adequate top speed
  • Much improved driver access over the original machine
  • Economical to run.


  • Rubber mounted Honda GX petrol engine with recoil start easily accessed from the operators position
  • Hydraulic drive through one single lever control for speed and direction
  • Un-ballasted weight of 1,050kg up to a gross weight of 1,350kg fully ballasted
  • New operators seat and padded steering wheel
  • All except 2 of the original 8 bronze or Tufnel roller bearings are replaced with sealed ball bearing units. The remaining 2 original bushes are replaced with new
  • Fully re-sprayed using 2 pack paint used on the entire Poweroll range.

Options: Please phone to discuss.

Part exchange is offered for your current Auto-Roller AR3 or AR4 against any rebuilt or new Poweroll roller.

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