Available from POWEROLL a power pack upgrade kit for your Greens Griffin roller
– (also fits S&P 32rd).

Designed to replace the original engine and gearbox with an easy to install,
easy to use, cost effective hydraulic drive unit.

The standard diesel engine and gearbox fitted to the Stothert & Pitt 32rd are fine when working correctly, (except of course for the excessive noise, tricky starting, potential for broken wrists or fingers due to kickback when starting, potential for oil leaks and slow ground speed to the wicket). Our power pack upgrade kit replaces the original engine and gearbox with a bolt on upgrade kit, this comprises a new Honda engine, hydraulic pump, valve chest, oil tank, drive motor and includes a new output sprocket to accept the standard machines old fashioned, chain. The power pack enables your machine to run more quietly, start easily, have a slower minimal and higher top speed. All contained within a drip tray to collect the hydraulic oil in the unlikely or unfortunate event of a damaged hose or seepage.


  • Easy to start, using the pull cord.
  • Low noise emissions.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Economical.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Very low minimal speed.
  • Single lever control for direction and speed.
  • Huge improvement of top speed, (4mph).
  • Delivered on a pallet and ready to install.
  • Honda GX160 petrol engine mounted onto anti-
    vibration mounts.