POWEROLL Re-building the TH White Auto-Roller AR4 (4 feet rolling width)

Poweroll Auto-Roller AR4 rebuildIn common to the AR3, we offer a complete renovation service for this large version of the same machine.
In an age when for many years the Auto-Roller was the only dedicated cricket roller available, its success was assured. Even now, perhaps among the more elderly Groundsman, who have not had the opportunity to try a more modern or user friendly machine, they remain popular. They are very basic machines, having minimal options to vary the ballast, in fact just the roller drums.
In common to the AR3, we completely dismantle the original machine into its component parts. For reasons of economy and user friendliness, the original engine, gearbox and clutch are discarded in favour of a new Poweroll built hydraulic drive kit. All other components, e.g. roller axles, bearings, large sprocket are assessed and replaced as required. When axle bearings are replaced, are done so using ball bearing units wherever possible to replace the phos-bronze bearings used originally. These are self-lubricating so no further maintenance is necessary, though it is recommended to grease the 2 remaining phos-bronze bushes on the front axle using the existing grease point.

Naturally, a total rebuild includes a bare metal re-spray of the entire machine. This transforms the old roller and along with the new engine and hydraulic drive kit prepares the machine for many more years of useful service. The forward and reverse direction and ground speed on this roller is controlled by 1 hand lever.

The new replacement power plant kit for this roller is also available for your current Auto-Roller, for details of this see Auto-Roller upgrade

Standard Specification:

  • 4 feet rolling width.
  • Key start Honda GX340 engine. (GX390 with power steering upgrade).
  • Hydraulic drive to replace the clutch and gearbox mechanism.
  • Grit blast to bare metal and re-sprayed.
  • New seat for added comfort, with 1 hand lever for direction and speed.
  • Economical - engine runs at low revs. on the wicket.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Power steering upgrade, (capable of being used whilst standing if preferred).
  • Hatz 1 B40 key start air cooled diesel engine.


Chassis and components grit blast to bare metal and re-sprayed. Fitted Honda GX340 QXE4 electric start petrol engine sat on anti-vibration mounts coupled to a hydraulic pump. Manual steering is refitted, or the option of power steering and a slightly larger Honda petrol engine for increased operator comfort with less effort.

Part exchange is offered for your current Auto-Roller AR3 or AR4 against any Poweroll roller.

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