A budget power pack for your Stothert & Pitt 32rd

For the cost conscious here is a power upgrade kit to keep even the treasurer happy!
This power pack shares the same basic design as the long established Premium grade S&P kit we have manufactured for many years. Where it differs is on component selection and quite simply by having fewer of them. At its heart is a 160c.c. Villiers or Loncin petrol engine (a Honda clone), and all other components to provide years of useful service, whilst having regard to the low annual usage that many cricket rollers have.
If yours is a small village club with a limited budget and a tired Stothert & Pitt roller readily available, this kit provides a real alternative to sourcing another machine with the potential gamble of reliability and availability of parts in the future. Your current S&P can become a reliable, quiet and easy to operate roller capable of lasting many more years than ever thought possible.


This kit will provide your club with:

  • A similar performance in terms of speed and control to the long established kit. Much slower at slow and faster in top speed than the standard machine.
  • A good quality and less expensive alternative to changing your roller.
  • A much more user friendly upgrade for your existing machine, with a slower slow speed and much quicker top speed to get to the wicket.
  • An easy to start engine. (No more hazardous crank start handles).
  • Miniscule running costs.
  • An easy to install kit, replacing the noisy engine and gearbox with 1unit.

Back to base warranty of faulty component for the budget kit.

Please note: This kit has been designed for the more numerous S&Ps having the gearbox mounted behind the rear roller drum axle near the back of the machine.

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